History of Maine Proofreading Services

Founded in 1988 by Deborah Leighton, Maine Proofreading Services started as a one person freelance operation.  Fascinated and enthusiastic about the subject, Deborah grew her company to include over 20 employees versed in a variety of subject matters and styles.  Deborah believed of proofreading, “You’ve got to have a love for it.  You can teach the technique, the marks, the rules, but you can’t teach the passion.”

Currently owned by Diane Shnaider, the business has taken a more digital approach to proofreading, but pen and paper still have their place in the office.  Digitization of text has changed the medium of transmission of information but not the medium of proofreading.  At Maine Proofreading Services, it is proven that human brainpower remains superior to that of any computerized style checker. Shnaider says, “Leighton’s excitement and passion helped shape my own love of the written word.”