thumbs-upimagesDo you ever wonder if the correct word to use is compliment or complement?  Homophones can be difficult until you find a trick that can help you recall which form of the word you need.


A compliment, with an i, is a kind or flattering remark. If a colleague says he likes your new office, he’s giving you a compliment. He’s complimenting you.


A complement, with an e, is a full crew or a set, and when something complements something else, it means they go well together. You might talk about a  book that complements your book collection.

Here’s a Trick to Remember the Difference

I like to give compliments.

Think about the emphasis on the I when you say or think it. The I can remind you that the word you want is compliments.


Think about the complement completing…

Image of a compliment and a complement