Group of animals

Animal group names are not something I need to frequently reach for in my editing toolbox.  However, this week was different.

While proofreading, I came across a new term that intrigued me. I read a project about a congregation of alligators. Now, I had never heard congregation used in those terms before.  I took some time and researched other words used for an assembly of different animals. It came as no surprise when my love for words and my love of animals combined to help me discover terms that I was previously unaware of. I thought I would share a small handful of theses animal group names.  They are here in no specific order. Hopefully the list will make you smile.

1. Alligators- congregation

2. Elephants- parade

3. Foxes- skulk

4. Hounds- although commonly called a pack, a cry is also correct

5. Kittens- kindle

6. Bear- sloth or sleuth

7. Porcupines- prickle

8. Pigs- team

9. Rhinos- crash

10. Zebras- zeal or dazzle