Why Hire a Proofreading ProfessionalConsider Hiring a Proofreading Professional:

Who has “the best” English skill in your office?  Have you ever delegated a proofreading task to them?  Did their level of expertise parallel the level of expertise you were trying to convey in your publication? How can you give a task of such importance, establishing the clarity of text, to a non-professional?

When Hiring a Proofreading Professional:

How many steps does your marketing communication, point-of- sale material, and packaging go through before it is made a final product?   Illustrators, photographers, graphic designers, layout professionals make sure each stage is perfect before you deliver the product to your clientele. Is proofreading one of these stages? How can the final stage of identifying small spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and ambiguities become the weakest link in your publishing program?

Hiring Our Proofreading Professionals:

Small mistakes cause large problems: reprints, lost customers, damage to your brand image.  Proofreading is like an insurance policy: it protects a client’s image.  Get peace of mind by knowing your communication has been “proofed” by the best.